Smart City: A new-age leap to ensure urban quality of life

August 18, 2022by admin

Connectivity is upon us. Connections are being thought of in every sphere of life and work. Connectivity is enabling us to have new products and services, that are evolving more and more rapidly around the world, providing us with a vast range of opportunities to make life easier, safer and more comfortable than before. Based on grouping and re-grouping of devices to have flowing connectivity between real-time information and facts, a Smart City is designed to solve some of our most challenging and pervasive urban infrastructure problems. In fact, Smart Cities reflect integration of IoT and other technologies in a compatible way, that has triggered metamorphosis in the structure and mechanism of cities all over the world. Each Smart City has some integral aspects such as water-supply, traffic systems, crime-detection, hospitals, power-supply and so on, empowering the local governments to manage and deliver services more efficiently with regular monitoring and real-time execution, by harnessing the data from interconnected systems. As per research, by 2050, nearly 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities, putting immense pressure on infrastructure. Smart cities are the answer for the future urban challenges. It’s time to exploit the full potential of video-sourced data and insights, provided by advanced analytics, to create a better urban quality of life.

Being deeply committed to ingrain Smart Connections in every aspect of life, Polycab Telecom, a division of Polycab India Ltd., provides sustainable Smart City solutions, as one of its prime digital-infra offerings, through a seamless fusion of strategy, design & technology.