Copper System is ubiquitous among Smart Home Applications

April 12, 2023by admin

Fibre-installations have certainly come of age to create new-age networks. But when it comes to the networks in industrial and manufacturing environments, copper-installations still take the leading edge over the fibre. While copper-installations are a great medium to ensure exactness and reliability in speed and bandwidth of the networks, they are also less costly than their fibre-counterparts. For factory-environments or any kind of a specific environment like Smart Homes, copper is still the king. A report of International Copper Association (ICA), commissioned by Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA), elucidates that global use of copper in Smart Home applications will be around 1.5 million tonnes per annum by 2030. The report is based on the vast variety of uses of copper in Smart Homes, like in Smart Home hubs, switches, routers, wiring and lithium-ion batteries.

It is widely known that a copper cabling system transmits signals with supreme consistency and efficiency. Copper cables like Cat 6A Cables and Cat 6 Cables are extremely impactful at minimizing errors and signal-to-noise ratios, which is so very important to create networks for a critical infrastructure. Copper Cables are also effective for low-speed Data Centres. Copper-cabling is still widespread for industrial Ethernet-deployments, with over 77% market-share. Copper System achieves high-speed internet-speed without the need to complement or alter the communication or power-infrastructure. In view of all of this, copper has a big role to play for Smart Homes. Smart Homes are still emerging and going through churns as a concept. Smart and wired structures are coming up in different arrangements with enhanced system-reliability and security. But Copper System remains vital and basic for the growing and evolving requirements. Copper is also being deemed as a key element for decarbonisation of these intelligent homes, due to its intrinsic properties.

Polycab’s products are deployed in wiring Smart Home hubs, switches, routers and other various uses. Polycab designs, supplies and tests Copper Cabling System in the end-to-end integration and commissioning of Copper System Networks for Smart Homes.