Smart Homes: A one-touch control for effortless living

March 15, 2023by admin

We’re living in the age when our daily life is getting increasingly easy by the day. A Smart Home represents an integrated ecosystem of interconnected devices and systems that supports the daily lives of its residents in many certain ways. As a concept, it is way beyond lights that turn on and off with voice commands or motorized window shades. A Smart Home comes as a whole-home automation technology, that responds to its dwellers’ needs and lifestyle, with the automation and one-touch control of many in-home tasks. Whole house music, intercom, distributed video, networking, security, smart lighting and shading control, heating and cooling systems, cameras, pool and spa control, gate control, energy management and a whole host of new-age features are aggregated and seamlessly controlled by the Smart Home technology. Complexities at home get simplified with automation and intelligence with the technology. Physical infrastructure of networks becomes extremely important for a Smart Home, wherein human intervention is reduced to minimum in monitoring home-settings and controlling home-appliances.

Polycab Telecom designs, manufactures, tests and supplies Copper Cabling System, Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) System and Hybrid Cables for Smart Home Applications. Providing passive networking solutions in an end-to-end manner, we enable residential and commercial custom Smart Home installations by maximizing the impact of this new-era residential technology.