There are Misconceptions about FTTH Cable, Like There are for Pongal’s Bull Sport

There are various things in the world that get surrounded by misconceptions.  One of them is about the Bull sport.  Have you ever heard about that sport?  Under this sport, the bull needs to be tamed by trained sports people.  This sport is also known as Jallikatu.  The Supreme Court has banned the sport.  Some believe that the reason for banning the sport includes possible ill treatment of the bulls and risk to the lives of sports people, who participate in this sport.

However, many people believe that not all of this is actually true.  This is a traditional sport that has a connection with the Pongal Festival that is celebrated in Tamil Nadu.  It is a festival that celebrates the Tamil Harvest.  Followers of the sport say that this sport was extremely popular among sportsmen as well as onlookers.  People from different parts of the globe used to visit India to be a part of the festival.  Followers are now requesting Tamil Nadu government to file a review petition in the Apex Court with regards to the ban that this sport has been facing.

According to the people, protesting this ban, the animals are not ill-treated in any way.   They suggest that there is a great level of misunderstanding and misconception about the sport.  The bulls, which participate in this sport, are pampered.  They are looked after properly.  Additionally, security of the sports people is also considered as top priority and given the desired importance.

Let us see is these followers of the traditional bull sport manage to get the ban lifted before mid January when this festival will be celebrated with full festivities.

In the same way as this sport, there are misconceptions that surround FTTH cable too.  Many people believe that this great means of improving internet speeds is extremely expensive and unaffordable.  However, the truth is that there are various ways in which the price of this cable can be made affordable.  FTTP, which stands for Fiber to the Premise, is an example of the same.  If you seek fast internet connections, there’s nothing that can stop you in the endeavor.

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