This Deepavali, let’s vow to control the pollution


The excitement and celebratory spirit of Deepavali are incomparable with any other festival. Every nook and cranny is glowing with decorative lights as we find happiness all around, during the festive season of Deepavali. But, these celebrations shouldn’t impact the nature’s balance negatively. Now’s the time we should think about ways that help us in maintaining ecological balance while we celebrate our festivals.

Following the idea of “Go Green”, we have made eco-friendly products. Green Wire and Solar water heaters are our energy-saving products that contribute enormously in conserving environment from hazardous substances. Polycab’s energy-savvy appliances help our society reduce pollution through decreasing greenhouse emissions.

It’s good to replace your old wire cables with Green Wire, as it offers a greater flow of electricity without any issue of heating. It is eco-friendly, as it emits very less amount of gases even in the case of mishaps.

As we approach winter, you can bring a Solar water heater during this festive season to reduce your electricity consumption by half. It will greatly reduce your energy bills without any regular maintenance charges.

Along with opting for the eco-friendly products, we would like to add a few ways to control pollution this Deepavali:

Eco-friendly crackers: There is a pair of 3D glasses that make every light around you look like an explosion when worn. The environmentalists call it 3D patakas. They are both pollution and noise-free. Another eco-friendly cracker is an electric firecracker that produces the sound of bursting crackers but does not actually explode. You can use this as well.

Avoid plastic packings: Gifting sweets and gifts is a usual practice during Deepavali season. We can initiate the tradition of avoiding usage of plastic packings and promoting the use of paper bags to exchange gifts. Once used they can be reused and recycled. This is another small initiative to evade pollution.

Use natural colors for Rangoli: Avoid the usage of artificial dyed colors, instead use color from biodegradable products for Rangoli. For example, in place of white, yellow, brown, green and red colors, you can use rice powder, turmeric, cinnamon, fennel seeds and kumkum respectively. To add fragrance you can use fresh flowers.

Try these simple tricks to avoid pollution and support our “Go Green” campaign this Deepavali.


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