Why Polycab

For a lot of people, Polycab seems to be a brand that has recently surfaced in the market. But for those who know us, know we have been famous for a while. We have managed to make ourselves from being a small retail shop to a brand that has made itself a household name.

We have in the past shown steady growth to establish ourselves. We’re a competitive bunch having given our counterparts a tough yet healthy competition.

It has been a brand that is trusted; here are 5 Polycab products you should install in your house, ASAP in order to save all that money and electricity.

1. Wires

Polycab started off with wires and we are best known for them. Our wires are made of superior quality copper and as our TVC says, you can’t change your family’s electricity usage habits but you can sure change the wiring of your house. With a variety of wires ranging from your typical house wires to telephone wires. There is an array of options to pick from for every need. Recently Polycab has also launched a set of solar wires .This is our first step into going green.

2. Lights

After becoming a renowned and established name in the wire segment, we took our company further, venturing out into lights. At Polycab we have just the right light for every part of your house. From the bedroom to the garden our range of lights covers every aspect of it. The LED lights are long lasting, energy saving, available in colors and one that fits everywhere. This is just what every household needs.

3. Switches

Switches are an integral part of how the room looks. No one wants a beautiful house with an ugly panel of switches that doesn’t go with the rest of the room. That’s where we come in with our range of top of the class Polycab switches. A switch that will add the glam your house needs. If you’re a Pure Pearly white kind of a person, don’t worry we have that too with our Selene range of switches. So what are you waiting for switch to awesome, with Polycab switches.

4. Fans

With a sleek and stylish range of fans that are ideal for every weather. From Pedestal to ceiling fans we have it all. The fans have the perfect airflow, are energy saving and while they are taking care of these aspects the design bit has not been ignored. You’re definitely going to become a fan of the options we have suitable for every customer.

5. Geyser + Immersion water heater

Geysers are the need of the hour, since the climate is changing and winter is coming. We at Polycab have worked to make geysers that are suitable sizes for every bathroom and based on the number of people.

They range from small instant water geysers to bigger storage geysers for more members and longer baths. These are beautiful compact geysers that will add that warmth to your bathroom. If you’re not a geyser person, don’t worry we have another fine range of Water Immersion Heaters. Just fill up a bucket of water and immerse our water heater in it and voila, hot water in minutes, plus much easier to store.

It is very difficult to find a brand that can be trusted, but we at Polycab aim to make your appliance and home shopping easier. We aim to provide the best products and services for you. We want you to invest in LED bulbs that are more long lasting and want you take that one step to a greener and brighter future for yourself and the earth.

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