A quick guide to switches

The human lifestyle has changed a lot over the times. We have become more technologically advanced. This clearly shows in every product we make or use these days. From mobile phones to switches everything has gone touch screen. Not just touch screen, switches have become multifunctional too now.

Apart from that, switches now can be taken care of with remote controls too. So no more fighting for who is going to switch of the light when getting into bed, so finish your late night reading in peace.

Like it goes with all electronic fixtures, it is important to buy switches from a trusted brand. So if you are looking to buy new, fancy switches for your house here are some options you can look into and pick the one that suits you the best.

Make sure the light switch is compatible with the circuit where it will be installed. For example, if a light is controlled by one switch, you’ll need to replace it with a single pole switch. A single pole switch controls one fixture from a single location. They are the most common type and are easy to install or replace.

1. Three way switches on the other hand control one fixture from two different locations, these are usually used in hallways or stairways and are slightly more complicated to install.

2. Four way switches control one fixture from three different locations and are usually installed in large rooms.

3. Multi- location switches can be controlled from three or more locations and are mostly installed for convenience and safety.

4. Dimmers are like a blessing to most of us. Their job as their name suggests is to dim down the light. These dimmers can dim down the lights to upto three levels. So no more need to install multiple lights of varying brightness one dimmer can do the job and well save you some money.

5. Some switches have personalized features too, for example timers. These timers allow you to program activation time. These work best for the safety of the house. These might take a little getting used to!

These are the various varieties available in the market, just remember to pick one that suits your needs and the rest will be taken care of. So are you a dimmer kind of a person or a remote control kind of a person?

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