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PolyShield series

Protect your home, hearth and your loved ones with Polycab MCBs and RCCBs. Made with the highest quality Nylon that is with glass filled fire resistant material. Polycab switch gear is high strength, eco-friendly with high melting points and dielectric strength. Our Distribution boxes are available in standard and designer shades with a smooth glossy finish thanks to our 7 -tank powder coating process. All boxes have a 100 Ampere Bus Bar with a capacity of 10 Amperes. Who says safe has to be boring?

Polycab switchgear red and green flag indication

Positive Contact Position Indication:

Red and Green flag indication provided below the knob gives indication of positive electrical ON/OFF contact status irrespective of mounting or knob position even from a distance.

Polycab switchgear large and dual terminating terminal size

Large & Dual Terminating Terminal Size:

Polycab MCBs can accommodate cables upto cross section area thus making it suitable for copper as well as aluminiun cables.Both cable and busbar can be terminated at the incomer.

Polycab switchgear air circulation

Air Circulation:

When two or more poles are placed adjacent to each other, the designed depression in the body cover forms a tunnel and serves as paths for air circulation thus hot air is expelled out faster resulting in reduced body temperatures.

Polycab switchgear energy limiting class-3

Energy Limiting Class-3:

Rapid arc quenching mechanism in our MCB ensures extinguishing of the arc within quarter cycle (3 to 5 milliseconds) thus minimizing the energy flow through the circuit. This ensures minimizing risk of fire and maximizing the life of your equipment.

Polycab switchgear high quality contact tips

High Quality Contact Tips:

Silver graphite anti-weld contact tips ensure higher life and maximum safety against contact welding thus enhancing safely and life of the device.

Polycab energy saver switchgear

Energy Saver:

values upto 70% lesser than specified by IEC/IS; making polyshield MCB one of the most energy efficient MCB.

Polycab switchgear smoke grey coloured label holder

Attractive Label Holder:

Polycab MCB is provided with smoke grey coloured label holder which is positioned on top of the knob for inserting labels for circuit identificationand hence reducing maintenance down time.

Polycab switchgear bi-stable din clip position

Bi-stable Din Clip Position:

Convenience of mounting on Din Rail is easy with Polycab MCB.And also, The MCBs can be easily changed from a bank of devices connected by a busbar without disturbing your existing wiring.

Polycab switchgear ease of clamping

Ease of Clamping:

Input and output clamps on the MCB is provided with combi-head screws which have both the standard slot as well as double head which can be tightened by standard screwdriver as well as Philip screwdriver thus catering to tool availability.

Polycab switchgear enchanced safely

Enhanced Safely:

Finger proof terminals are designed to eliminate accidental contact with live part complying with IP 20 protection category.Install, operate and maintain our MCBs with confidence.

Polycab energy saver switchgear

Aesthetically Designed with Safety:

Aesthetically designed Flame Retardant body ensures safety in case of accidental fire.



Polycab RCCB residual current circuit breaker






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