PVC insulated industrial cables 1100 volts

Energy efficient wires range 0.75 SQ.MM to 16 SQ.MM with different insulation properties

FR flame retardant

Single core multi-stranded copper conductor, FR PVC insulated wires with excellent flame retardant properties.

FRLS-FLAME redundant low smoke low halogen

Single core multi-standard copper conductor, FRLS PVC insulated wire with excellent flame retardant, low smoke, and Low halogen properties.

FRZH-FLAME Redundant Zero Halogen

Single core multistandard copper conductor, FRZH insulated wire with excellent flame retardant low smoke properties having Rohs compliances zero halogen

FRLF-FLAME Retardant Lead Free

Single core multistandard copper conductors, FRLF PVC insulated wire with the excellent flame retardant property having the rohs compliance supporting a green revolution.


Polycab single core hears resistant flame retardant low smoke PVC insulated industrial cable in 1100v. Voltage grade with flexible conductors.

FRFS-Flame retardant Fire Survival

Single core multi-stranded copper conductor, mica tape insulated with a special compound having excellent flame retardance and having continuous circuit integrity for 3 hours ar 950 c in case of fire.

Green Wire

The Power of Green: With the rise in global warming the world needs wires that are eco-friendly, safe and delivering high performance. Combining breakthrough engineering with meticulously selected materials, Polycab has introduced ‘Green Wires’ conforming to stringent European norms in environmental sustainability and cable safety. The Polycab Green Wire is energy efficient, recyclable, is RoHS compliant, has low smoke density and emits fewer toxic gases in extreme fire situations, thus making it the preferred choice for Green Buildings.

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