Five Simple Ways to Keep Your Home and Office’s Wires at Good Shape

Five Simple Ways to Keep Your Home and Office’s Wires and Cables at Good Shape

The job of every electrical technician is to ensure that an office & household is free from the wiring clutter, gaping sockets and unsightly wires popping from the walls. Wiring management of our home & office is not just for aesthetic reasons but also to ensure tidiness and utility elements like speed, safety, and reliability of your electrical installations and wirings.

Compiled below is a list of ideas for effective and smart management of wires for our home & office:

Choose High-quality and ISI Certified Wires Only

Although a lot of commercial brands and manufacturers claim by the quality and functionality of their wires, its best to do our homework to identify the best, ISI certified wiring products for your home & office.  Good brands of electrical wires for your house are available in below forms:

  • Fire Retardant or FR
  • Flame Retardant Lead Free or FRLF
  • Green Wire
  • Fire Retardant Low Smoke and Low Halogen or FRLSH.

The price range varies according to the features that determine its overall quality like thickness, a number of copper strands in a wire, inner sheath (for PVC and XLPE ), UV radiation resistance, etc.  Most importantly the wires that you choose to install should also comply with the international or national standards and specifications on insulation and conduction.

For more information on electrical wires browse through Polycab’s vast range of offerings based on your needs.

Choose Wires Based on Load Distribution

We wouldn’t generally appreciate surprises like burnouts and fire due to electrical mishaps. To manage the electrical appliances and installations, it is necessary to understand the load needed for lighting, heating, refrigeration applications and accordingly select the wire of the desired size.

For example, wires used at homes for general applications should be of size 2mm copper and 4mm aluminium.  The wires used for connecting fans and lights to the distribution board should be of size 2mm copper or 2mm aluminium. Larger electrical appliances like heaters and refrigerators require wires of size 4mm copper or 5 mm aluminium to be connected to the distribution board.

Install Cord Protector and Concealers

Although it’s a cord-cutter generation today, most homes and offices still rely on power cords. To prevent their damage from daily wear and tear due to exposure, accidental pulling, tripping and soiling, it’s better to keep them covered with surge protector cord concealers and top loading channels. It ensures the longevity of wires and also keeps the area tidy.

Use Color-coding or Labelling of Cords

Sometimes, the devices and appliances used in a home or at work establishment need tons of wiring that get stacked behind the walls or underneath the tables, curling into an unruly bunch.  It makes it absolutely confusing to identify which gadget is connected to the wire if there is no colour coding or labelling done. DIY methods like using coloured markers and masking tapes can help differentiate the wires.

Shorten or Cut Unnecessary, Lengthy Wires

The longer the length of the cords, more are their chances of hanging out in the open.  If we want to avoid accidents at work due to tripping on wires and loose or shocks by accidentally pulling or fidgeting wires, then it’s better to hire an electrician to cut or solder the excess length or place them in a wire wrapper.

Use a Wire Basket

Wire baskets are the cheapest and smartest methods of securing wires.  Instead of leaving a massive coil of wires out in the open, on floors or walls, a wire basket keeps them safely stacked.

We hope the above ideas for smart management wires at homes and offices will help you keep them at top shape for better efficiency of your devices and appliances. For more details on safety wires visit our website at   

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