February, 2013

Building Wires

Building wires, a common term amongst electricians, are widely used in both domestic and commercial sectors. The term ‘building wires’ generally refers to the electrical wiring carefully placed in a room’s foundation. These wires are what distribute electric power to residential, commercial and industrial buildings. They are even utilized in mobile homes, recreational homes and … Continue reading “Building Wires”

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Invasion Of Telephone Cables

Gone are the days when people would just have to be content with looking at the photographs of their loved ones. Today, people are visually present in every occasion and all it takes is an internet connection and a smart phone that could connect you to the entire world. Internet is flourishing every new day … Continue reading “Invasion Of Telephone Cables”

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Instrumentation Cables

There are various kinds of cables available in the market and each differ in terms of function and performance. Thermocouple cables, solar cables, halogen cables, optical cables and other specialty cables are widely used for various significant purposes. However, there exists a less known kind of cable, which has significantly occupied a major place in … Continue reading “Instrumentation Cables”

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Cables And The Marine World

Since the invention of technology, man has continuously invaded the prevalent resources to fulfill his needs. Today, the term technology is not new and it co-exists with our daily lives, enriching them. Although signal transmission technology has been under major transformation, cables still occupy a huge part of our lives. There are various kinds of … Continue reading “Cables And The Marine World”

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Aerial Bunched Cables

Since the advent of technology, man has been totally dependent on electricity. The more he utilized it, the more he got used to it and this led to some far adverse issues. However, improper distribution of energy gave rise to adversity and there rose a need to find sufficient land to distribute electricity without obstructions. … Continue reading “Aerial Bunched Cables”

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Welding Cables

Generally used to transmit electric current into a secondary circuit that emits and welds objects, welding cables are usually constructed using highly flexible copper wires which are surrounded by a protective rubber covering that is armoured to be heat and flame resistant. Additionally immune to the effects of abrasions, oils and other such materials, welding … Continue reading “Welding Cables”

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What are Optical Fibers?

Many people wonder what are optical fibers and those who know are well-aware of its functioning, are amused by the fact that huge amount of data travels through these minute hair like fibers. With its speedy data transmission, optical fibers have revolutionized the digital media communication and now every telephone and cable system uses this … Continue reading “What are Optical Fibers?”

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Halogen Free Cables

The demand for public safety in public areas has increased tremendously, with the objective being not only the prevention of fire, but also the prevention of people and keeping them from inhaling the smoke caused by the fire. There have been a lot of cases where a majority of people have lost their lives by … Continue reading “Halogen Free Cables”

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Basic Assumptions, Conditions And Current Ratings Of Cables

The Polycab Group has always strived to offer quality products and services to its clients. With the changing trends and modernization, the quality of wires at Polycab has been under constant transformation to meet the industry standards. From being a small sized outlet, Polycab has evolved to become a well-known brand for wires and cables. … Continue reading “Basic Assumptions, Conditions And Current Ratings Of Cables”

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Thermocouples And Its Uses

The word “thermocouple” may seem alien to you. However, if you understand the functioning of thermocouples and its use, then you are sure to become aware of its presence in our lives. Observed as temperature sensors, thermocouple is widely used for testing vehicle engines and in hospitals to measure the body temperature of patients. It … Continue reading “Thermocouples And Its Uses”

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