May, 2013

It All Begins With A Single Smoke

  Smoking doesn’t just kill you. It kills others around you too. Anti-Smoking day What is it ? A restrain on our personal right or an effort to demoralize a trend, that has had passionate followers for decades. This day could be interpreted in various different ways but the main motive of this day, is … Continue reading “It All Begins With A Single Smoke”

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Trains And The Significance Of Railway Cables

  Trains – Making A Journey Worthwhile Trains. What comes to your mind when we say this word? Is it the journey that captures your mind or the long trail of memories that unwind during a journey? Conjoining the alienated world of many, trains aid in experiencing a mutual journey. They spread the wholesome goodness … Continue reading “Trains And The Significance Of Railway Cables”

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India And Its Progress Towards Energy Efficiency

  The latest development and inventions around the world has thrown some serious light, towards the issue of energy saving in India. India is now progressively supporting initiatives and experiments that aim at reducing energy consumption. The dependence on electricity is controlled and sources of non-renewable energy is more explored. The energy issues in India … Continue reading “India And Its Progress Towards Energy Efficiency”

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Why Should You Save Energy?

We at Polycab know the importance of energy and its impact on the environment. Our wires and cables have surely lit up the world and have benefited innumerable people. Although, we stay true to our commitment and have helped people progress in their ventures, through our incredible products, there still exist masses, who are deprived … Continue reading “Why Should You Save Energy?”

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T5 Tube Lights- The Energy Efficient Tube Light

Would you love to live in darkness? Would you be okay if all of a sudden all electrical appliances shut down? No light at home, no light on the streets, living without appliances that need electric supply to operate. Can you ever imagine something as horrible as this? Isn’t this worse than an apocalypse, if … Continue reading “T5 Tube Lights- The Energy Efficient Tube Light”

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MICC Cables And Its Construction

  Mineral-insulated copper-clad cables also known as MICC or MI cables may seem new to you. However, its existence can be observed in every power and control circuit of critical equipments. Commonly known as Pyro cables, these cables are extensively used in fire alarm systems, ovens, industrial furnaces, factories, tunnels, hospital operating systems, emergency power … Continue reading “MICC Cables And Its Construction”

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Maintaining Electrical Appliances

Electrical gadget are life-savers, they also make life easier to live. However, still at the end of the day they are machines and like all machines, they need to be handled with care. Maintaining machines and taking good care of them, not only accelerates the smooth functioning of the machine, but also increases its longevity. … Continue reading “Maintaining Electrical Appliances”

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Effective Maintenance Of A Power Generator

Power generators are not just machines. They are life savers, especially during summer. Power generators play an important role in the functioning of electrical appliances in circumstances like a power-cut. This machine facilitates uninterrupted functioning of electrical appliances, during a power-cut. Hence, due to its importance, generators should be handled with care and maintained very … Continue reading “Effective Maintenance Of A Power Generator”

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Can Energy Be Saved?

Thou shalt not waste energy in the name of thy God. Thou shall save energy in his name.   This summer visit one of the remotest areas in India. The cattle, the vegetation and the environment may not surprise you, but the lives the people in the village lead, without electricity will surely create a … Continue reading “Can Energy Be Saved?”

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Switch And Its Types

We are surrounded by electrical instruments and it is difficult to imagine our life without them. A small device enables us to make use of these comforting electrical equipment. The switch, which is used hundreds times a day, is the unsung hero of the electric world. Without the switch, it is impossible to turn on … Continue reading “Switch And Its Types”

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