July, 2013

Speaker Cables

Can you imagine a party without loud peppy music blasting through speakers? Well, definitely not. Be it a music concert, religious gathering or a political event, the one device which effectively draws all the attention of the public is the loud speakers. Becoming a part of rich tradition and culture, loud speakers have also become … Continue reading “Speaker Cables”

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Guide To Buying Power Cables

People often think twice before choosing things like clothes and accessories. However, when it comes to electrical essentials like switches and wires they simply choose which ever brand the retailer claims to be good. Although, many retailers may advise you on making the right decision, some may simply cheat you for the huge commissions the … Continue reading “Guide To Buying Power Cables”

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Industrial Control Cables

The industrial revolution changed our world dramatically. Machines became man’s best friend. Things which were just a fragment of imagination were turning into reality. Any lucrative idea was developed into a functioning model. This created a lot of employment and shaped the economy of various countries. Today, the industrial sector has evolved a great deal. … Continue reading “Industrial Control Cables”

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Buying Cables Online

The results of a recent survey in India stated that most people now prefer online shopping rather than visiting retail stores or shopping malls for buying the things which they need. While the majority of people embraced the online medium to cut down their fuel and travelling expenses, the others simply stated that it was … Continue reading “Buying Cables Online”

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Bowden Cables – Now And Then

The Bowden experience is not new to you, if you have ever rode a bicycle. Deriving its name from a famous brand that no longer exists, Bowden cables are used in almost all automobiles. Bowden cables are flexible cables which have thin stainless steel stranded wires which aid in transmitting mechanical energy or force with … Continue reading “Bowden Cables – Now And Then”

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The Day Internet Stood Still

It was February 2008, when the Internet stood still. The world had taken the internet for granted. This catastrophic event reminded the world about the importance of the Internet. The network had collapsed mainly in Middle East and India. This was a result of a simultaneous collapse of two separate under sea fibre optic cables. … Continue reading “The Day Internet Stood Still”

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CCTV Cameras – The Need Of The Hour

Browse through every news channel and read all the available dailies, the one news which you would find in common and recurring is the number of crimes reported. Blame it on the social change or the attitude of the present generation, the crime rates have increased tremendously in recent years. Analysing the crime statistics, it … Continue reading “CCTV Cameras – The Need Of The Hour”

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If Only Wires Could Speak

It is midnight and you are alone at your home. You can hear the neighbourhood street dogs bark at a distance, while the rattling noise of the window grabs most of your attention. You reach out and close the door while the cool breeze caresses your skin making you shiver. All of a sudden, the … Continue reading “If Only Wires Could Speak”

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Mom. Can You See Me?

  Mother. Who is she? An angel who gently rocks and sings to make her child fall asleep or a woman who can turn the world upside down to protect her kids. Well, even all the words summed up cannot describe the meaning of the word ‘mother’ because she is above all the forces present … Continue reading “Mom. Can You See Me?”

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Lights, Camera, Action – Polycab Take 1

Lights, camera and action are the three words that best describe the world of cinema. We Indians share a strong bond with cinema and the number of commercial films produced each year are a proof to the same. Blending the real world with fiction, cinema creates an illusion that puts to test one’s imagination. Jean … Continue reading “Lights, Camera, Action – Polycab Take 1”

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