October, 2013

Facts That Will Provoke You To Donate Blood

Ranging from weakness to contracting diseases, there are dozen of myths that surround the beautiful gesture of blood donation. In our previous blog titled, “Donate Blood – Make The World A Better Place”, we broke the existing myths with real facts that made you aware of the whole blood donation process. Today, we will share … Continue reading “Facts That Will Provoke You To Donate Blood”

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Donate Blood – Make The World A Better Place

When we talk about saving the world or making a difference in someone’s life, our mind generally diverts towards the idea of being equipped with supernatural abilities, and being the undisputed superhero in society. But why limit yourself to being contributive only as a superhuman, when you can do that and much more, by simply … Continue reading “Donate Blood – Make The World A Better Place”

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Are You Curious About Curiosity ?

We are sure you are wondering what this blog is all about. However, if you remember, we had promised that we will make you explore the world of Curiosity and Spirit rovers in the ‘Mars Moon and the Rovers – Part 1’ blog in our Space Engineering category. Keeping up with the same promise, today … Continue reading “Are You Curious About Curiosity ?”

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Conveyor Systems

  We have explored many machines in our ‘World of machines’ section. Today, we will be exploring a mechanism commonly known as conveyor systems which aid in mobility of other products and equipments. A conveyor system is a simple equipment which can be found in all small and large scale production units. Aiding in moving … Continue reading “Conveyor Systems”

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Planet G’s LED Lamps For A Greener Planet

A home without light is a life without happiness. All of us know the importance of light and its need in our daily lives. Without light, most of our daily activities will stay paralyzed and there would be less efficiency at work. Though, most of us are equipped with quality lighting, we feel reluctant to … Continue reading “Planet G’s LED Lamps For A Greener Planet”

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Light Up Your Professional Life With Industria

A wise man once said, “It is better to light a candle, than curse the darkness”. In the world of globalisation the quote is tweaked to, “It is better to fix quality lights today, than to see darkness in your business tomorrow”. This is true, specially for the businessmen owning big industries. The work is … Continue reading “Light Up Your Professional Life With Industria”

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Let Every Event Rock With Arenia

Recently, one of the most awaited concert of a famous international band met with a major drawback. Though the music was good, the lighting malfunction lead to public outrage and chaos. If the event organisers had chosen quality lights at the right time, then they wouldn’t have to compensate it with their hard earned reputation. … Continue reading “Let Every Event Rock With Arenia”

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Introducing Gardenia – Lights For Gardens

If home is your heart and its garden is the air that you breathe, then you would surely desire the best for your lovely paradise. With the same spark as your imagination, Polycab has introduced a revolutionary lighting solution called Planet G which offers a vast range of lights for different areas. Planet G’s Gardenia … Continue reading “Introducing Gardenia – Lights For Gardens”

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Modernia – For Modern Homes

Have you ever wondered why some photos turn out to be good while others don’t? The problem may not be with the photographer or the camera but with the lights. Often the quality of the photos we click indoor get compromised due to the insufficient lighting in the area. While, purchasing a costly camera would … Continue reading “Modernia – For Modern Homes”

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