May, 2014

Water Clock- For A Healthy Environment

In our last blog we gave you a list of eco-friendly gadgets that you can use in your hectic schedule and help conserve our planet. This is a great way to show your gratitude towards our planet and still manage to stay modern and tech friendly. Time, everyone’s short of time in today’s date. We … Continue reading “Water Clock- For A Healthy Environment”

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List Of Eco-friendly Gadgets That Save Our Environment

A relationship with anyone or anything should always follow a simple rule,’Give and Take’. We share a relationship with everyone and everything on this planet. Each relation has a different name, but it has its special meaning to it. I feel the relationship that we share with our planet and nature is the most underrated … Continue reading “List Of Eco-friendly Gadgets That Save Our Environment”

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Refresh Happiness With Polycab Ceiling Fans

Polycab offers a wide range of ceiling fans in a variety of models. Below are the fan models and a description that distinguishes them from others. Elanza: For its pearl effect sheen and gold moulding. It also has a slight dent for added effect. It belongs to the High Speed category. Brio : For its … Continue reading “Refresh Happiness With Polycab Ceiling Fans”

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One Brand, Many Fans

Polycab is surely a premium brand that has won the hearts of millions of people around the globe. Its incredible product range has increased its fan base over the years. Though its fan base includes people from all strata of society, the brand’s promotion is currently focused towards residential use. Polycab has recently introduced a … Continue reading “One Brand, Many Fans”

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Impact Of Rechargeable Battery

Batteries play an important role in our day-to-day lives, yet they earn minimal recognition. This blog is especially dedicated to all the benefits that we gain from those tiny pieces made of lithium. Batteries are used in many devices like, wall clock, TV remote, Ac remote, toys, lamps etc. Once the battery is out of … Continue reading “Impact Of Rechargeable Battery”

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Fly 4,000 Feet Up in the Sky With A Flying Bicycle

Imagine yourself 4,000 feet high in the sky, between the clouds and the stars. You are flying a bicycle. Yes, you heard it right. You are not riding but flying a bicycle. This sounds like a scene borrowed from the movie ‘E.T.’ right? Well it is true. Using no magic but pure science, a pair … Continue reading “Fly 4,000 Feet Up in the Sky With A Flying Bicycle”

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Do More With Your Mind

Technology is developing at the speed of light and here we are introducing a new gadget that will definitely keep your mind in check. Curious to know what kind of device is this? Well it is called muse, an advanced head band that senses your brain and tells you to do more with your mind. … Continue reading “Do More With Your Mind”

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Refresh Your Life With Polycab Fans

Its been four decades, since Polycab first introduced its range of house wiring essentials in the market. With your endearing support and commitment, it is now India’s No.1 Cables & Wires company and its still growing with time. Though Polycab as a brand is well-known for its quality ‘Wires and Cables’ in the market, we … Continue reading “Refresh Your Life With Polycab Fans”

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