June, 2014

One Brand. One Life

Hello Friend, its good to see you back. Polycab has attained a steady growth and has become the fastest growing company in Indian industry. We have also introduced some revolutionary electrical products in the market that are not only efficient but also save energy. From being a small wiring company, we have grown to become … Continue reading “One Brand. One Life”

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Types Of Exhaust Fans

Hello Friends, it’s good to see you back. In our previous blogs titled ‘Exhaust Fans – The Unsung Heroes’ and ‘The Functioning Of An Exhaust Fan Explained’, we discussed the technicalities of exhaust fans, its use and functioning. Today, we’ll discuss on the different types of exhaust fans and the characteristics that distinguishes themselves from … Continue reading “Types Of Exhaust Fans”

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Green Speakers For A Green Environment

Love music? Need music everywhere? Fan of good speakers? If your answer is yes to the questions, read forward and if it’s a no, read anyway. Music is an integral part of our life, and it has the power to swing us through different moods. Plugging in ear phones can be relaxing, but playing it … Continue reading “Green Speakers For A Green Environment”

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Use And Reuse

A bright sunny day brings you another new way, to save our planet. In your busy schedule and excess use of technology, scientist have come up with an amazing invention. We all often use our gadgets to reach out to our clients from all across the globe. To keep these gadgets working, we charge them … Continue reading “Use And Reuse”

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Music That Runs On Solar Power

Music is an integral part of our daily life. It keep us entertained and take us to a whole new world. One can easily drift away in music and live a happy life in their dream world. Someone rightly said, ‘Songs are like hugs, you need them to calm you down’. This is exactly why … Continue reading “Music That Runs On Solar Power”

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Know More About Solar Power Batteries

In our previous blog titled “List Of Eco-friendly Gadgets That Save Our Environment”, we discussed about how important it is to use gadgets that are eco-friendly. We also learnt how the use of eco-friendly gadgets helps us to keep in touch with the world yet simultaneously save our planet. If you noticed, we studied a … Continue reading “Know More About Solar Power Batteries”

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The Functioning Of An Exhaust Fan Explained

A home without an exhaust fan is a breeding spot for germs. No really, exhaust fans are essential to purify the air and remove excessive heat from a room. They provide cool air, remove odour and humidity, while maintaining the health of the room. The use of exhaust fan is more evident in homes where … Continue reading “The Functioning Of An Exhaust Fan Explained”

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Exhaust Fans – The Unsung Heroes

As the temperature soars high, we all seek refuge in our homes under the air-conditioner. Though the invention of air conditioner is observed as a blessing by the humanity, the high energy bills that come along with its constant use burns a hole in the pockets. While we cannot do much about the heat outside, … Continue reading “Exhaust Fans – The Unsung Heroes”

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