December, 2014

Get Quality With The Best Ceiling Fan Price In India

When you set out to buy fans for your home or even office, you might believe that it will be an easy choice to make.  You find out the best ceiling fan price in India and buy the cheapest one.  However, it is not always as easy as you think.  There are various types of … Continue reading “Get Quality With The Best Ceiling Fan Price In India”

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The International Exploits Of Polycab

The world, today, has transformed into a global village.  Channels of communications have multifaceted and there are newer avenues through which companies and individuals can stay connected.  That has brought forward a new opportunity and a challenge for organizations.  The opportunity is to expand one’s business operations to distant parts of the world.  This certainly … Continue reading “The International Exploits Of Polycab”

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Learn More about the Polycab Bandhan Program

The time now is of a fast-paced world, where everyone wants to have the best and associate themselves with the finest of the lot – why not? We all want a little fame, a little recognition and yes, wide-expansion of business plans too.   That is exactly what the Polycab Bandhan Program does.  It is a … Continue reading “Learn More about the Polycab Bandhan Program”

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A Guide On How To Save More And Yet Have More With Cleta Switches

Polycab India cares and is committed to making the most for you, energy wise and with its wide range of products and services, keeping your pockets fat and your homes or offices safe. We often tend to ignore the importance of switches around the house. Switches indeed are the most important assets to have around, … Continue reading “A Guide On How To Save More And Yet Have More With Cleta Switches”

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The ACE Tech Exhibition 2014 – Polycab India All Set to Make its Mark

A gathering of stalwarts from across all domains of construction, architecture, engineering, interior decoration, innovators, building material suppliers and designers – what do you get with such an event; finesse and trends at its best of course. The ACE Tech Exhibition 2014 is expected to bring forth solely the best players in the market – … Continue reading “The ACE Tech Exhibition 2014 – Polycab India All Set to Make its Mark”

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