January, 2015

Things To Consider While Getting Your House Wiring Right

When you buy a new house, there are various things that you need to be worried about.  You have to ensure that everything in the house is proper and all the right materials are used.  Moreover, you are also concerned about the interiors that are used in the house.  However, sometimes you might miss to … Continue reading “Things To Consider While Getting Your House Wiring Right”

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Sarpanch Motor Starter for the Right Motor Protection

The protection of your vehicle’s motor is absolutely imperative.  There are various reasons why you need to worry about motor protection: Integral Role: As we know, the motor plays an integral part in the smooth functioning of the vehicle.  Therefore, it is important to keep it well and safe. Expense:  There is an expense associated … Continue reading “Sarpanch Motor Starter for the Right Motor Protection”

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Fiber Optic Cables Start A New Era Of Data Transmission

Electrical cables play an extremely important part in the transmission of electricity.  Without such cables, it would not have been possible to smoothly transmit electricity and we all might have been left in the dark.  These cables are generally made of copper and aluminum to ensure that they are safe and strong enough.  We have … Continue reading “Fiber Optic Cables Start A New Era Of Data Transmission”

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Polycab Dealers Meet – A Great Opportunity To Learn & Grow

Polycab is the largest Indian manufacturer of electrical wiring and electrical switches.  What Polycab has proven over the years is that it knows the secret to success.  There are many companies that enter the business space, but very few manage to get to the heights that Polycab has reached.  A part of the reason is … Continue reading “Polycab Dealers Meet – A Great Opportunity To Learn & Grow”

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Polycab’s New Commercial Connects With The Customers

Polycab is India’s largest manufacturer of cables and electrical wires.  By that virtue, it has always led the way in the industry.  The company began modestly, but has expanded briskly to achieve the position that it now enjoys.  In fact, the company has lately also got into customer facing business that has allowed it to … Continue reading “Polycab’s New Commercial Connects With The Customers”

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