March, 2015

Polycab’s Commitment to High Quality Industrial Switchgear

Polycab is one of the most renowned and the oldest companies in its field.  It has been renowned for its focus on quality and the various challenging applications that it manages to develop.  One of the various applications that Polycab is popular for is Industrial switchgear.  The company specializes in high and low voltage switchgear.  … Continue reading “Polycab’s Commitment to High Quality Industrial Switchgear”

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A Cable Manufacturer India That Is Ideal For All Your Needs

When it comes to house wiring, we tend to be very relaxed.  We are of the belief that it is a decision that doesn’t really affect us a lot, and we should not worry about it.  However, many people realize it the hard way that poorly wired houses can be a mess to handle.  Among … Continue reading “A Cable Manufacturer India That Is Ideal For All Your Needs”

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Things To Consider Before Selecting A House Wiring Solutions Provider

Electrical house wiring is an extremely important element of your house.  Most people tend to ignore that, but that tends to adversely affect them in the future.  Hence, if you are buying a new house – you should always be careful about your house wiring.  There are various factors that you need to keep in … Continue reading “Things To Consider Before Selecting A House Wiring Solutions Provider”

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Reasons Why PVC-U Pipes Are Preferred Over Others

There are various different types of pipes available.  However, PVC-U pipes seem to be making all the headlines in the recent times.  These are pipes that are made from plastic and vinyl.  Because of this combination, they possess a lot of qualities.  These make them perfect for various applications, including water transportation.  Here are some … Continue reading “Reasons Why PVC-U Pipes Are Preferred Over Others”

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LED Lighting Pricing – What To Expect?

We all know that LED lighting is a new concept in India.  While it has existed for a long time, the general public is getting to terms with it only recently.  That means that our understanding of the pricing of such lights is limited.  LED lighting pricing can be a little complicated because of the … Continue reading “LED Lighting Pricing – What To Expect?”

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