8 Places To Visit this Diwali

Diwali is that time of the year that calls for celebration and vacation, since it is in October the weather is getting better, after the rainy season and October heat the clouds are clearing out and every place is preparing for winter. The weather is perfect for the break that you deserve.

Want to kick back and sit on the beach? Or explore the remains of a beautiful empire that is left behind, or want to take a nice trip to the mountains. Don’t worry; we have just the right list of places you can possibly go to, So here are 8 cool places you can go to this October.

1. Ganpatipule (Maharashtra)

Take a nice walk along the beach and visit the only Ganpati temple that’s possibly on a beach, now isn’t that cool? Ganpatipule, with a lot of mythological history is located just a few kilometers from Ratnagiri. If you’re looking to take a short break this is the ideal place to kick back and relax. Want an adrenaline rush? Then you can take part in the water sports on the beach.

2. Kutch (Gujarat)

One of the most surreal places to visit this Diwali break you take. The white sand and moonlight makes it worth the visit. Take a break from your technology filled life and sit under the moonlight and enjoy the great Gujarati culture and delicacies. With oasis, deserts, palaces and a lot more, this should be on your list of places you must get to, once twice and many more times.

3. Hampi (Karnataka)

Hampi started off as a small settlement and then rose to becoming the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire and then later came back to becoming a small settlement again. It maybe a small village but has history twice its size. It has more than 500 monuments dotted around the hills. From remains of palaces to temples, this place is packed. It’s a beautiful getaway, to relive history and see where it all happened.

4. Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh)

Dharamshala is a place that is both crowded and full of life, but also a place where you can attain inner peace with the forests and the breeze kicking in. It’s a city like never before but also an abode of tranquility. Dharamshala is a scenic hill station which is a little distance from the Kangra valley. Dharamshala has the largest Tibetian settlement and a fashion sense that is impeccable. It is a pretty cool place, temperature wise too.

5. Mussoorie (Utarakhand)

Mussoorie is known as the queen of hill stations, it doesn’t get cooler than that now does it? If that’s not a reason enough the place, will have the perfect weather in October. It is located about 35kms from Dehradun. Places at the foothills of the Himalayas, Mussoorie is 2005 meters above the sea level. This place just gets cooler doesn’t it? Want a little taste of heaven; pack your bags you know where to go.

6. Darjeeling (West Bengal)

Want to know where some of your amazing tea comes from? Well. This is the place to be, Darjeeling. Apart from the tea plantations, the weather will be absolutely perfect in this time of the year. It falls in the lesser Himalayas and is about 2044 meters above sea level. Apart from the beauty it has Darjeeling Himalayan Railway which is a UNESCO world heritage site. BeauTeaful isn’t it?

7. Pachmarhi (Madhya Pradesh)

Pachmarhi also known as the queen of the Saputara ranges is the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh. Enjoy the beautiful October sunrise, with just the right weather after the monsoon. Full of caves and ancient monuments this place is where you should be, oh also everything is surrounded by beautiful Saputara forests and flowing waterfalls it will give you that break and peace you need. Finally breathe in some clean air and watch the water flow by.

8. Pondicherry (Tamil Nadu)

India’s little France, is the title Pondicherry has received by many who visited there. With an exquisite variety of food to tingle those taste buds and beautiful French colonies to see, Pondicherry is located about 160 kms south of Chennai. You can sit back and relax on the beach, visit the Aurobindo ashram or even learn pottery or a few poses of yoga here and there. For those interested in seeing how beautifully self sustainability works, Auroville is a place you must make a pit stop at then. Pondicherry is like getting a taste of France and India together. These are the best places to go, if you’re looking for coolness on the outside. However, if you are looking at coolness on the inside, a room with a Polycab fan makes for a good idea!

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