A quick guide to buying ceiling fans

Ceiling fans these days are available in various, shapes, sizes, designs and colors. There are some mounted with lights on them. So it’s understandable if you get confused when picking a fan to buy. The foremost thing that needs to be thought of is to get a fan from a trusted brand. After that aspect is taken into consideration, here are a few things to keep in mind when buying your lovely home a fan –

1. Measurements

One needs to take into consideration the size of the room the fan is being bought for and that will help you decide the right size of the fan. Measure the length and width of the room. To make sure it works effectively you need to ensure that it is big enough for the space. Once that is done, the height of the ceiling needs to be measured, this will give you an idea of the size of the room and help you decide how far from the ceiling can you suspend your fan.

2. Right Size

Once the measurements have been taken, pick a fan that suits your requirements and that matches the size of your room. To find that out multiply the length of the room with the width of the room to find the approximate value of the square footage of the room.

Here are a list of common room measurements and fan sizes –

  • A room of up to 75 square feet = a 29-36 inch fan.
  • A room of 76-144 square feet = a 36-42 inch fan.
  • A room of around 144-225 square feet = a 44 inch fan.
  • A room of between 225-400 square feet = a 50-54 inch fan.
  • A room of up to 500 square feet = a 60 inch fan

3. Drop rod length

Once everything else is taken care of you need to find the correct length for the drop rod. There needs to be minimum 7 feet clearance between the fan and the floor for safety reasons. For a small room with less clearance you can get a hugger fan, which is suspended close to the ceiling. For higher ceilings you need a drop rod of the correct length. Here are some length

specifications for taller ceilings –

  • 9 feet ceiling = 12 inch drop rod.
  • 10 feet ceiling = 18 inch drop rod.
  • 11 feet ceiling = 24 inch drop rod.
  • 12 feet ceiling = 36 inch drop rod.
  • 13 feet ceiling = 48 inch drop rod.

4. Other Factors

Once you have looked into the major specifications and measurements, it is your time to throw all your creative and artistic skills into this project. It is very necessary to pick a fan that suits and matches the décor and the color of your room. There is an exciting and stylish range of fans in the market these days to suit your need. So say goodbye to those old boring white fans and get yourself something extremely chic.

Apart from design, these days there are fans that can be controlled by a remote, so no constantly getting up that is taken care of too, to provide the best experience ever.

In the end, fans help you save more electricity and are a must have in every household, so even if you do have fans in your house, this should be a reason enough for you to go get yourself a classy, new, effective and efficient fan today.

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