Green Wire – Polycab’s another Move toward Green Tomorrow

Polycab Green Cables

Polycab, India’s largest wire and cable manufacturer, is known for making ecological and energy-saving products. The company enjoys a dominant position in the market while offering premium quality products like LED lighting, fans, MCBs, cables & wires, switches, and solar power-based products etc. to both industrial and residential consumers.

Polycab has maintained the tradition of manufacturing ecological and sustainable products since inception. Recently, the company has launched Green Wire, an energy efficient and environment-friendly product in line with India’s ‘Go Green’ mission. The product has set the milestone through complying with RoHS (Restrictions of Hazardous Substances) standards given by the European Union (EU) in the year 2006 as per the European Union directive norms.

The Green Wires have an excellent combination of features and performance. These energy saving wires have higher flexibility and flame retardancy. Both these features enhance the safety of wiress substantially. What’s more, the Green Wires emit toxic gases in trace amount thereby making environment safe even during any unwanted incident or accident. The computer-generated cable design makes the product highly precise. Consumers can use Green Wires without any hesitation as they are free from any hazardous substance or material and a ‘Green’ product in the real sense thereby enjoying an eco-friendly environment.

Polycab’s ‘Green Wire’ has a higher current carrying capacity than other conventional wires, and it is an environment-friendly product for addressing energy requirements of industries and households. Consumers can get the best-in-class product while preserving the environment from any hazardous material and chemicals. Polycab has set milestones in offering highly efficient products in terms of energy-saving and performance. A huge customer base consists of loyal consumers is an indication of Polycab’s quality assurance.


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