Light Up the Country – Ganesh Chaturthi is here!!

“Ganpatti bappa moriya” – We all know about these chants. These chants represent the beginning of festivities in India. We all, as Indians, love to enjoy our festivals. Ganesh Chaturthi, however, holds a very significant place in our lives. One of the cutest gods in Hinduism visits our houses to rid us of all our problems and worries. People, around the country, celebrate the occasion with festivities and excitement.

Now that we are all excited and thrilled about the occasion, let us also spend some time on finding out ways of decking up our houses to welcome Lord Ganesha. Of course, special arrangements have to be made to ensure he is pleased. One of the best ways of appeasing gods & goodness is through brightness. No one of us likes dullness and gloominess. Hence, lighting up our houses would mean that we express our excitement towards the festival.

Here are some ideas of making sure that your lighting is exciting and within your budget:

LED lights: The first important element to consider is making use of led lights. This is not a new trend anymore, and we are all aware about it. These lights are durable, and that means that they last us for long periods of time. Additionally, they do not consume a lot of electricity. Hence, LED lights are not just cost effective but good for mother nature too.

Designer Lighting: Another important point that is worth noting is developing a theme for lighting. In the past, we used to simply place these lights around trees and railings. However, we can now develop themes that govern the way these lights are placed.

Safety: Another thing that we should be really careful about, this time around, is to uphold the safety of everyone around us. It is important to note that high quality bulbs are used. Moreover, we should never try to improvise with electrical appliances. If there is a certain recommended way of using the bulbs, you should make sure that you follow that.

In short, this is the time when we enjoy our country’s festive season. It can be one of the most memorable days of the year. Proper lighting can add more charm to the occasion.

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