Make Dedicated Efforts to Conserve Our Flora and Fauna This Summer

We touch upon a wide variety of topics in our blogs.  Some of them revolve around electrical wiring and cables, some others are focused on other pertinent topics.  Today, however, we want to focus on a topic that is extremely important for us to discuss.  Summer is back, and it seems to have been extremely hot this year.  We are all struggling with the severe heat of the sun, but what we ignore miss is the suffering of the birds and plants.  Many birds are reported dead due to dehydration every summer, and our plants tend to be affected too.  Under such circumstances it is our responsibility to help, these important elements of our environment, survive the summer heat.

Many people believe that NGOs need to exert efforts in protecting the birds and plants.  However, we can plan our role in the process too.  Here are certain things that few of our responsible citizens have done, and we can certainly follow suit:

Water Trays: Placing water trays in different areas of the city help birds have access to water whenever they need.  With the increased construction around the city, it has become difficult for birds to find water.  In such situation, such water trays can come as a respite.  If you aren’t really motivated to go the extra mile- try to keep a water tray outside your house, in the verandah, or in hour house’s balcony.  This small effort can also go a long way in protecting birds.

Water Trees & Plants: There might certainly be trees & plants in your bungalow’s verandah or in your society or even your apartment’s balcony.  You need to make sure that all these plants and trees stay hydrated.  Water them on a regular basis.

Place Container of Grains: Another interesting thing that you can do is to place containers of grains in your house or other locations.  When the birds might be hungry or be in the need of food, they can access that from these containers.  Again, you don’t need to go out doing that dedicatedly.  All you need to do is to place these containers in your balcony or house verandah.

Therefore, there are some ways in which you can extend your support to the habitation that surrounds us.

Conserve Flora and Fauna


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