Optical Fiber Cable & FRP Cable – The Future of Cabling & Wiring

So, the world has been changing briskly.  The world of cabling and wiring is no different.  There are changes coming about in technology and also the kind of cables and wires that are being used.  Let us spend some time to speak about two new technologies that are being developed in the industry.

Optical Fiber Cable: This is one technology that has received high appreciation from all corners.  So, what does optical fiber cable do?  It is a cable that has helped various companies in improving the speed of communication.  Didn’t you always want your internet to be super fast?  This cable can help you achieve that through prompt communication.

The cable is known to contain several optical fibers.  These fibers are then used to carry light.  In various western countries, these fiber cables have been used and implemented at the residential level.  These fiber elements are generally coated individually.  The coating tends to be with plastic layers.  Finally, once the coating has been completed – they are then contained in protective tubing.  All of this is done to suit the environment where that particular optical fiber cable will be used and implemented.

Fiberglass Cable: The other element of technology is in the form of fiberglass cable.  This is another type of cable that is becoming extremely popular in the recent times.  These cables are durable and also resist various types of chemical attacks.  So, where are these cables used?  These cables are being used in various environments that can be corrosive and structurally demanding.  These environments can include various things like chemical plants, water treatment plans, and also oil & metal refineries.  These are all those environments that need the robustness of fiberglass cable.

These cables are generally available in different sizes and widths.  Hence, they also become useful for other industries where flexibility of cables is an important component.

At Polycab, we know what it takes to work with modern technology.  We have experience of manufacturing and deploying both optical fiber cable as well as fiberglass cable.  By the virtue, we manage to deliver superior performance to our customers.

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