Technical Specifications

Sweep (MM) Power Input(w) Speed (RPM) Air Delivery (CMM)
450 145 1400 140

A highly specialized coating that prevents rusting and provides robust protection against corrosion.

Polycab TPW fans are meticulously engineered to prevent overheating of motor and blades, thus increasing its efficiency.

Polycab TPW fans fitted with a high performance, totally enclosed motor that delivers maximum output.

The low resistivity of copper reduces energy losses and also increases the lifespan of the fan motor.

A high-performing electric motor that operates at optimum efficiency yet consumes much less power.

Polycab TPW fans give you the highest air delivery and wide air throw to cool the room.

The adjustable height setting allows users to adjust the height as per their requirement.

The aerodynamically designed blades coupled with increased blade width reduce drag and maximizes air delivery.

Polycab TPW fans have aerodynamically balanced blades for superior air delivery.

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