The Importance of Electricity in our Lives

There are various things that we are surrounded by that impact our lives.  The environment plays a huge role in ensuring that we live a comfortable life.  Flore & fauna, water, air, etc. – all of them have a crucial part to play.  However, there are a few things that we tend to ignore.  Consider the case of electricity.  We never appreciate or acknowledge the importance of electricity.  Probably because we don’t know how much it contributes to our lives and comfortable living.  Here are few significant things about electricity that we ignore:

(En)lightening our lives: Can you imagine your life without light?  It will be so dull if we didn’t have electricity to light up our lives in the evening.  Just think of those gloomy winter evenings when your beautifully decorated bulbs and lights will make you feel upbeat.  It wouldn’t have been possible sans electricity.

Partnering in your celebration: What is a party without proper electrical arrangement?  You never care about wires and cables, but it is these cables and wires that power the light that makes your event that much special.  Not just that, electricity is also required to keep the event venue property cooled/heated.

Entertains us: You love your computer and television, don’t you?  Every one of us loves our computer and television.  However, they would be completely futile without electricity.  I get reminded of those days when there’s a major fault with the electric wiring in the area.  We all get so disappointed.  What if we never had electricity?

Takes us around: With the advent of electric cars and electric bikes, the significance of electricity has gone up even further.  To be able to commute from one place to another, we need electricity.  That’s how your electric cars and bikes are charged to be able to take you around the area.

In short, there are various things that electricity does for us in our lives.  Probably, we don’t recognize that importance that these useless looking electric cables and wires have in our day to day living.  Life without electricity would be a life without entertainment, parties, and enjoyment.
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