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Polycab miniature circuit breakers operational safety greater convenience

Miniature Circuit Breakers are electromechanical devices which protect an electrical circuit from an overcurrent. The overcurrent, in an electrical circuit, may result from short circuit, overload or faulty design. A MCB is a better alternative to a fuse since it does not require replacement, once an overload is detected. Unlike fuse, a MCB can be easily reset and thus offers improved operational safety and greater convenience without incurring large operating cost.

Polycab MCB on-off indication

On/Off Indication

Red & Green flag indication provided below the knob gives indication of positive electrical ON/OFF contact status irrespective of mounting or knob position even from a

Polycab MCB 13 plates arc chamber

13 Plates Arc Chamber

Quick & Efficient Arc Quenching

Polycab MCB low power loss

Low Power Loss

Power Loss values upto 70% lesser than specified by IEC/IS, making Poly shied MCB one of the most energy efficient MCB.

Polycab MCB easy MCB extraction

Easy MCB Extraction

No dismantling of busbar to remove MCB – Unique mounting assembly allows to remove single MCB from shorting busbar without disturbing other MCBs.

Polycab MCB energy limiting class 3

Energy Limiting Class 3

Low let- through energy I T under short-circuit conditions ensures longer life of contacts and reduces thermal stresses in the distribution circuit.

Polycab MCB air flow channel

Air Flow Channel

Reduces Body Temperature and keeping it cool to provide better performance

Polycab MCB combi head screw

Neutral Pole Protected

Neutral pole is also protected against short circuit. so even if short circuit occurs at the
neutral side, appliance or connected device will be protected.

Polycab mcb mcb durability

MCB Durability

Electrical Life 10,000 Operation Tested Mechanical Life 20,000 Operation Tested

Polycab MCB BI - stable din clip

Bi-Stable DIN Clip

Easy Mounting Strong hold on DIN Rail

Polycab MCB on-off indication

Breaking Capacity 10 kA

Polycab MCB ergonomic dolly

Ergonomic Dolly

Easy to Operate ON / OFF Marking to Know the status of MCB

Polycab MCB IP 20 proctection

IP 20 Protection

No accidental Contact/ Shock from live part during installation

Polycab MCB line load reversibility

Line Load reversibility

The line or load can be connected to either side of the Polycab MCB without any reduction in Performance.

Polycab MCB combi head screw

Combi Head Screw

Ease of Clamping

Polycab MCB range
Polycab MCB technical specification
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