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Polycab Poly shield RCBO is a single composite device which provides protection against over currents, short- circuit and earth leakage
faults, it comes in the same width and profile as that of a standard MCB. It is designed for use in domestic, commercial and industrial
distribution systems at the most downstream circuit for ensuring high degree of protection to the user.

Polycab RCBO mid trip indiaction

Mid-Trip Indication

The knob gets in mid position while tripping because of Electrical fault.

Polycab RCBO test button

Test Button

To check the healthiness of device, periodically

Polycab RCBO contact position indicator

Contact Position Indicator

Red & Green flag indication provided below the knob gives indication of positive electrical ON/OFF contact status irrespective of mounting or knob position even from a

Polycab RCBO netural markeing

Neutral Marking

Easy Mounting Strong hold on DIN Rail

Polycab RCBO technical specifications
Polycab RCBO range
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