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MCB Changeover switch

Polycab MCB Changeover Switch is a manual operated changeover switch which finds its application in switching load between two power supplies. MCB Changeover switch finds wide applications in industries as well as in domestic area specially in Individual Bungalow(IB) for use in low voltage distribution circuits, wherever continuity of supply is necessary. It is used for switching to an alternate source of supply from main supply and vice – versa. The changeover switch comes in 2P and 4P versions, for single and three phase application respectively. It has three positions ( I-O-II) with centre-off. They are switch disconnectors with independent manual operation, capable of making, carrying and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions.

Polycab MCB changeover switch comapct design

Compact Design

Compact size in line with Polycab Mcb & RCCB range

Polycab MCB changeover switch fire retardant

Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant Body materials ensure extra safety

Polycab MCB changeover switch reliable


AC22A operation ensure rigidity CE marking ensure Quality

Easy to Use

Low operating force to operate 100% neutral allows to use any pole as neutral – Flexibity 35sqmm terminal capacity both for Al & Cu Cables

Polycab MCB changeover switch safe


IP 20 protection, Shrouded terminals, Clear indication of ON/OFF/ON on changeover switch shows the clear status

Polycab MCB changeover switch highly duarble

Highly Durable

Higher Electrical & Mechanical life > 10000 Operation

Polycab MCB changeover switch range


The entire switching mechanism along with the fixed and moving contact assembly are housed in FR thermo plastic moulded case / cover, having high dielectric strength, excellent mechanical & thermal properties. The switching mechanism is double break type. The contacts tips are made of Silver Cadmium oxide for long electrical life, sustained current carrying capacity and they ensure temperature rise is within specified limits.

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