Intelligent Supply Chain Injecting Efficiency Into Various Facets of Supply Chain

May 16, 2022by admin

We’re still in the adolescence of the digital age, but people to processes, people to machines or things, things to things, everything is getting connected in the system more than ever. IoT-based connected assets and products are producing real-time inputs and requirements. In fact, we’ve started to use IoT, Big Data, ML and AI in discovering data-patterns to make intelligent decisions. Intelligent Supply Chain has made transformative impact across industries as a system, that connects supply-chain with technologies, to have visibility, integration and one single defined system. Intelligent Supply Chain is nothing but a digital supply-chain, connecting all the physical assets in the chain in a digital way. A continuous collection of relevant data generated through various processes, connected to various products and services is the real core. Planning, analysis, simulations and execution of operations, everything in the chain gets done on real-time data from the connected assets and products, working across different functions. Smart Technologies enable automation and optimization of the entire supply-chain, from design, to manufacturing, to asset management, to logistics, to after-sale services. Since every physical aspect of the chain is digital, Intelligent Supply Chain empowers us with the flexibility to react swiftly and speedily to changing needs of customers. Insights enable us to jump on opportunities or foresee problems. The ability to have simulation of real-time alternative processes goes a long way to prepare for approaching issues.

Responding to the evolutions, wherein digital infrastructure has become an enabler for smart devices, smart services and smart ecosystem, Polycab Telecom creates an Optical Fiber Cable-network and executes end-to-end network rollout and provides the whole range of end-to-end passive networking solutions and accessories to facilitate high-speed data-availability. We make a range of proven Intelligent Solutions rapidly deployable, meeting the requirements of a faster, low-latency and more efficient network of the future.