Connected ecosystem is here to transform social and economic landscape

October 19, 2023by admin

Technology certainly is an extension of human abilities and capabilities. The new and better technological tools, facilitating individual and societal transactions, are shaping up future’s hyper-connected world. The empowerment to find each other and network in new ways, access to information and services at fingertips, higher-quality entertainment in homes and in hand and ease to find things with substantially less hassle and travel, have changed the way we live and work. Connectivity is not going to be limited, many sorts of imminent connections are in the offing. It has brought in far greater reliability in executing and getting services, that cut across and transform social and economic landscape. We have enabled ourselves in putting in human efforts on more complex activities, leaving the routine activities to machines. Life has changed completely and work has become more and more flexible in nature with connectivity. Integration of video, voice and data-services to allow access to ubiquitous connectivity anytime and anywhere, has ensured connected living in a literal manner now. The ever-evolving hyper-connected world has a global talent-pool, which doesn’t need to be in the office. As far as India is concerned, as per Statista, an online portal providing data on the global digital economy, the internet-penetration rate in India went up to nearly 48.7% in 2022, from just about 4% in 2007. Ranked second in the world in terms of active internet-users, India is having its digital moment, with internet-activities being carried out every moment of every day. We already had a digital population with almost 692 million active users till the first few months of 2023, whereas we lagged behind with a rank of 73 out of 120 countries for internet-literacy in 2021.

While Digital India as a flagship initiative of the Government of India is continually transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge-economy, we at Polycab Telecom are deeply committed to usher in Smart Connections. Aligned with the vision of Digital India, Polycab Telecom is on a journey, creating Smart Connections, which would go a long way in implementing integrated technology-solutions to enhance public services, reduce costs and improve the quality of life for people, at large.