Underground OFC-laying entails a mix of specialized equipment and expertise

Fiber-optic transmission has surely transformed the telecommunication industry. Optical Fiber Cables (OFCs) have emerged as a highly effective physical infrastructure of new-age networks, in response to the rising demands for higher bandwidth and faster data-speed for a variety of industrial and residential purposes. The two most common outdoor OFC-installations are Pole-line Aerial Installation and Underground...

Connected ecosystem is here to transform social and economic landscape

Technology certainly is an extension of human abilities and capabilities. The new and better technological tools, facilitating individual and societal transactions, are shaping up future’s hyper-connected world. The empowerment to find each other and network in new ways, access to information and services at fingertips, higher-quality entertainment in homes and in hand and ease to...

Polycab Telecom: A well-planned OFC-manufacturing regimen

Polycab Telecom, a division of Polycab India Ltd., is engaged in manufacturing and distribution of Optical Fibre Cables (OFCs). With a high degree of in-house Backward Integration and Automation capabilities, we offer global, innovative and scalable fibre-optic cabling solutions to support the deployment of high-speed broadband-networks for across all segments. We’ve a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility,...

Bringing together data and power for Smart Living

We’re living in exciting times, wherein paradigm-disrupting technologies are emerging with regularity. Connectivity is undergoing evolutionary changes, with many possibilities, some of them still unthought-of, are hanging on horizon. Digital intelligence is going to be integral in powered products to add functionality and value to them. Smarter Future, rides on instant connectivity and unification of data and power.

Connected Ecosystem: Transforming social and economic landscape

Smart and connected ecosystem offers enormously expanding opportunities for multiple functionalities. It has brought in far greater reliability in executing and getting services, that cut across and transform social and economic landscape. From the perspective of education, a connected ecosystem has all the potential to facilitate universal quality education and significantly enhance learning outcomes in our country.

Efficient networks would lead us into smart future

The world is moving to Smart Future faster than expected. Connectivity is not going to be limited, many sorts of imminent connections are in the offing. Connected vehicles, connected homes, connected offices, connected campuses and beyond, we’re not only going to see new ‘things’ being connected, but grouping and re-grouping of existing devices are going to take place in myriad ways.