Safe City

Ability to have convergence of various technologies and deeper levels of connectivity has given public safety a completely different meaning altogether. Safe City, as a concept, is now an integral trend in urban development, across the world. If we believe the estimate of UNICEF that 70% of people around the world will live in cities by the year 2050, then protection of city dwellers has to gain momentum surely with the speedy adoption of digital security solutions.

We, at Polycab Telecom, work as a PIA to build and implement Safe City solutions. We enable robust continuity between law enforcement and community and integrate video, data and analytics to have an effective security mechanism in a city. We build a Safe City to get connectivity between systems and smartness in security operations. Our solutions can be compiled as:

Setting up of IP-based CCTVs across vantage points in a city to monitor criminal activity and track on people’s safety with traffic monitoring, vehicle speed detection, number plate recognition and integration with the concerned RTO data-base.

CCTV-based monitoring is backed up with video surveillance systems with real time detection and alerts for specified threats. Our experts install Video Walls to track any kind of unlawful or suspicious activities in a city.

Face-detection application, wherein a person is identified or verified against a digital image or a video-frame from a video source.

We prepare a Centralised Monitoring and Control Centre (CCC), which not only regulates them all, but also provides 24×7 real time access to any kind of security services with a significantly reduced response time. By giving a greater visibility of all security activities in a real-time single view, the CCC provides actionable intelligence and enables speedy security incident resolution. Our CCCs help government authorities to implement and enforce rules and regulations, with their unified and interactive way of exchange happenings in a city.

We as a society face rising threats every day in form of security breaches. Polycab Telecom empowers competencies and abilities to build fool-proof Safe Cities.