FRP/ARP Rods & IGFR Yarns

With the whole range of fibre connectivity and fibre management approach, Polycab Telecom provides inclusive end-to-end solutions to its customers. As a champion of cross technology products and solutions, Polycab Telecom’s team understands the critical requirements of its customers and then, designs FRP Rods, ARP Rods and IGFR-yarns in complete compliance with the industry’s norms and standards. Our backward integration capability ensures the quality, availability and faster delivery of these products.

We have set up the state-of-the-art manufacturing hub along with an independent business vertical at Halol in Gujarat for Optical Fiber Cables, FRP and other telecom-products.


FRP Rods, located in the centre of the Optical Fiber Cables, combine the high performance properties of glass reinforcements with unique resin-formulations to produce a strong and cost efficient cable reinforcement. Our FRP Rods are most suitable for multi-loose tubes, uni-tubes, slotted core or ribbon cables and are typically used as central or peripheral reinforcement in Optical Fiber Cables.

Aramid Reinforced plastic (ARP) Rods

ARP Rods are non-metallic composites, designed primarily for use as a central strength member in Optical Fiber Cables. Our ARP Rods are known for their flexibility and high modulus, making them suitable for FTTX Cables, Micro-duct and Aerial-drop Cables. These rods can endure the highest stress levels and tight bends. Thus, our ARP Rods are ideal for cable designs for FTTH-applications, where the cables are subjected to sharp bends.

IGFR Yarns

We manufacture Impregnated Glass Fibre Reinforcement-yarns using E-glass fibres with branded PU Resin-systems and craft an advanced, value added reinforcement solution with top-in-line smoothness, softness and strength. We provide on them aptly smooth and flexible coating which facilitates their handling and removes dust and wobbly fibers during cable production even at very high speeds. Different coatings bring in different levels of productivity and cable strength. A high strength to weight ratio provides an easy handling of cables of different weights.

We offer FRP Rods, ARP Rods and IGFR-yarns in diverse customisations, specified by our customers, to meet their needs. We have a global market for these products as well.

With the recent global focus on the data-revolution and the rising need to have improved broadband connectivity, Polycab Telecom is all prepared to meet the FRP-ARP-IGFR-demand for Optical Fiber Cables from the mega digitisation drives, taking place all across the world.