Smart Technology is enhancing our quality of life in many more ways than one. Advent of intuitive and helpful technological solutions keeps us exited continuously. Home-amenities are being fitted with internet-based communication-technology, which has brought in automation and a centralized control of their functions. Thus, Broadband has become more and more important for Smart Homes, […]

A report of International Copper Association (ICA), commissioned by Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA), put forth that global use of copper in Smart Home applications is expected to touch 1.5 million tonnes per annum by 2030. Copper System is used for Smart Home hubs, switches, routers, wiring and lithium-ion batteries. While Fibre-installations still […]

Secured Lockable Patch Cords are an ideal connectivity-solution that enhances network-security and its up-time. Designed to secure connections, Secured Lockable Patch Cords become an amazingly useful mechanism for high-security settings, like data centres and IT-networks, wherein multiple physical layer classifications play the base for the heavily data-loaded networks. With the facility to insert the optional […]

Toolless Keystone Jacks represent a simple mechanism to connect and terminate network-cables. While a traditional keystone jack comes with a punch-down tool to execute cable-installation, its toolless version does away with the need to have a punch-down tool. A simple process of pressing the cap in the deliberately carved design on the conductors as per […]

A continuous increase in the demand for broadband-services with the simultaneous rise in traffic in internet-space haskept the evolutions coming thick and fast in different architectural arrangements of networks. Services on the digital platforms have catapulted to the next level suddenly and optical fiber seems to be the most advanced transmission-medium to truly support these […]

Digital infrastructure has emerged as an impactful facilitator all around the world to enhance social and economic outcomes. We’ve started to experience a more fulfilling life, with the advent of quick and uninterrupted flow of digital data in our living and working. Simultaneously, digital disruptions are galvanizing the customer-experience, bringing both intricacies and opportunities for […]

Cities around the world are revisiting the fundamentals, after being hit by an unprecedented global pandemic. More preparedness for any health-crisis or pandemic has gained increased focus in the concept of a Smart City now. The transformation has started to create urban solutions that minimize the susceptibilities of a Smart City to known or unknown […]

We’re still in the adolescence of the digital age, but people to processes, people to machines or things, things to things, everything is getting connected in the system more than ever. IoT-based connected assets and products are producing real-time inputs and requirements. In fact, we’ve started to use IoT, Big Data, ML and AI in […]

We’re increasingly getting digitally dependent in our work and life. Digital way of life has become a new normal. There has been a rapid digital adoption in education as well in recent times. Smart Education has enabled students and learners to learn more effectively, efficiently, amenably and comfortably. Smart Education is more personalized in its […]

Number of vehicles is always on the rise in India. Problems like traffic-congestion, decreasing road-safety, increasing number of accidents and limited car-parking facilities have entwined in our lives. The evolution of IoT bears a strong hope with realizable possibility of Intelligent Transport System. The concept of an Intelligent or Smart Transportation revolves around unlocking and […]