OFCs would be an integral base for Smart Cities

June 16, 2022by admin

Undoubtedly fiber-optic technology has been the game-changer in the network infrastructure-development in the recent times. Optical Fiber Cables (OFCs) have opened up a world of possibilities, in terms of high-speed broadband and low-latency connectivity. Fiber-optic network has a big role to play as a core facilitator in creating Smart Cities, the evolving, highly efficient and sustainable living spaces of future. A Smart City exemplifies capturing, transferring and translating data into meaningful information with the help of interrelated technologies. Apart from being compact and flexible, OFCscan carry large amounts of data at very high speeds from one end of the city to the other, to work as a great support for communications-infrastructure, including the cloud-based systems. OFCs can accommodate and support the increasing data by bringing in higher reliability and security in networks and allowing lower weakening for transmission over long distances in the Smart City. Effectively, OFCs can be the foundation to deliver numerous key bandwidth-hungry applications in a Smart City. They enable and simplify the installation of sensors, an essential element to deploy intelligent solutions in these cities. From Smart Grids for improved energy-efficiency and enhanced health ecosystem to efficient sensor-networks to improve public services and infrastructure, OFCs would ensure the enablement of mobile, video, voice and data services in a Smart City in a simplified manner. Surveillance Cameras, requiring highdata-transmitting speed, complex networks that control the sensors of a city’s traffic systems, smart buildings, that need connection to the city’s telecommunications services and other facilities, Smart Lightings and many Smart City-applications will be facilitated well with the OFC-based network architectures as the primary solution.

Polycab Telecom has been engaged in OFC-manufacturing and ramping up its capabilities continually, as we look forward to a substantial growth and demand for our OFC-systems, based on the evolving needs of Smart Cities in domestic segment.