Beyond OFC-laying, making GPs internet service-ready wa our aspiration

June 16, 2022by admin

BharatNet encapsulates the vision and mission of Digital India to bridge the digital divide in our country. Polycab Telecom with GTPL as its consortium-partner worked as a Project Implementing Agency (PIA) for the project in its phase-II to develop a state-of-art and future-proof fibre-optic network in rural parts of Gujarat.This project was uniquely based on Going Live, unlike other normal BOQ-based projects. We owned up the challenge to go beyond merely laying Optical Fiber Cables (OFCs) and adhere to the project-milestone criterion by making each Gram Panchayat (GP) Live with the minimum 99% up-time. We executed survey, planning, supply, installation, end-to-end integration, testing and commissioning of underground OFCs and Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) in Gujarat, achieving the core transport-network and connecting it centrally at the State Data Centre, Gandhinagar, in Ring Topology.

Completing end-to-end network roll-out with quality and precision, achieving project-goals and making sure that each GP was lit up in the stipulated time-frame, we’ve laid around 17,000* kms of underground OFCs and lit up 3,650 GPs in Gujarat. The optical-fibre highway what we’ve built in the rural areas of Gujarat, is sure to become a bedrock of future digitalisation and reshape every aspect of life in these villages with the possibilities of tele-medicine, digital education, safety and security and various other digital services and opportunities.