OFCs would be an integral base for Smart Cities

Undoubtedly fiber-optic technology has been the game-changer in the network infrastructure-development in the recent times. Optical Fiber Cables (OFCs) have opened up a world of possibilities, in terms of high-speed broadband and low-latency connectivity. Fiber-optic network has a big role to play as a core facilitator in creating Smart Cities, the evolving, highly efficient and sustainable living spaces of future.

Beyond OFC-laying, making GPs internet service-ready

BharatNet encapsulates the vision and mission of Digital India to bridge the digital divide in our country. Polycab Telecom with GTPL as its consortium-partner worked as a Project Implementing Agency (PIA) for the project in its phase-II to develop a state-of-art and future-proof fibre-optic network in rural parts of Gujarat.This project was uniquely based on Going Live, unlike other normal BOQ-based projects.

Copper System remains significant with unique features in fiber-optic era

Fibre-network cables have certainly some advantages over copper cables, like greater bandwidth, faster speeds for longer distances and higher reliability. But for many industries, copper is still the backbone of the network-cabling. Copper has the highest electrical conductivity rating of all non-precious metals, additionally it carries flexibility, safety and affordability for cabling installations.

Polycab sets a paradigm to work on a unified OEM-strategy for Power & Data

Polycab has strategically placed itself as a single OEM-provider for both, data and power-solutions. As in this era of digital evolutions, data and power-solutions are increasingly getting integrated to be utilized in everyday life in meaningful ways, we’ve brought together our offerings to evolve as a stronger and more capable, single-source manufacturer and provider of power and data-solutions.

ARP Roads: An efficient cable-reinforcement solution

As non-metallic composites, Aramid Reinforcement Plastic (ARP) Rods are designed and used as strength members in fiber-optics. The entire concept of having cable-reinforcement-solutions hinges on providing optical fibers in the cables with protection against mechanical stresses, which is instrumental to have optimal performance from them. ARP Rods work as truly efficient cable-reinforcement-solutions, that are usually fitted at the centre or in the periphery of the cables.

Row-Management was Pivotal for us in Timely Completion of Bharatnet Project in Gujarat

RoW-management is integral in the deployment of optical infrastructure and can have direct consequences in the implementation-timelines. After being entrusted with the responsibility of a Project Implementing Agency (PIA) in phase 2 of the BharatNet project for Saurashtra-region in Gujarat, Polycab Telecom went on to complete the assignment with an efficient RoW approval process in the core.

AI-application hold great promise for smart Cities

Smart Cities are here. Urban infrastructural facilities and management systems are going to be smarter by the day. AI-applications are being explored to enhance the management and efficiency of urban arrangements. Systems can be AI-programmed to discover patterns, make accurate calculations, derive decisions and subsequently, execute actions with speed and precision.