OFCs would be an integral base for Smart Cities

Undoubtedly fiber-optic technology has been the game-changer in the network infrastructure-development in the recent times. Optical Fiber Cables (OFCs) have opened up a world of possibilities, in terms of high-speed broadband and low-latency connectivity. Fiber-optic network has a big role to play as a core facilitator in creating Smart Cities, the evolving, highly efficient and sustainable living spaces of future.

Beyond OFC-laying, making GPs internet service-ready

BharatNet encapsulates the vision and mission of Digital India to bridge the digital divide in our country. Polycab Telecom with GTPL as its consortium-partner worked as a Project Implementing Agency (PIA) for the project in its phase-II to develop a state-of-art and future-proof fibre-optic network in rural parts of Gujarat.This project was uniquely based on Going Live, unlike other normal BOQ-based projects.

Polycab sets a paradigm to work on a unified OEM-strategy for Power & Data

Polycab has strategically placed itself as a single OEM-provider for both, data and power-solutions. As in this era of digital evolutions, data and power-solutions are increasingly getting integrated to be utilized in everyday life in meaningful ways, we’ve brought together our offerings to evolve as a stronger and more capable, single-source manufacturer and provider of power and data-solutions.

ARP Roads: An efficient cable-reinforcement solution

As non-metallic composites, Aramid Reinforcement Plastic (ARP) Rods are designed and used as strength members in fiber-optics. The entire concept of having cable-reinforcement-solutions hinges on providing optical fibers in the cables with protection against mechanical stresses, which is instrumental to have optimal performance from them. ARP Rods work as truly efficient cable-reinforcement-solutions, that are usually fitted at the centre or in the periphery of the cables.

Row-Management was Pivotal for us in Timely Completion of Bharatnet Project in Gujarat

RoW-management is integral in the deployment of optical infrastructure and can have direct consequences in the implementation-timelines. After being entrusted with the responsibility of a Project Implementing Agency (PIA) in phase 2 of the BharatNet project for Saurashtra-region in Gujarat, Polycab Telecom went on to complete the assignment with an efficient RoW approval process in the core.

AI-application hold great promise for smart Cities

Smart Cities are here. Urban infrastructural facilities and management systems are going to be smarter by the day. AI-applications are being explored to enhance the management and efficiency of urban arrangements. Systems can be AI-programmed to discover patterns, make accurate calculations, derive decisions and subsequently, execute actions with speed and precision.

FRP Rods exemplify strength-reinforcement in OFCs

Fibre Reinforced Polymer or Fibre Reinforced Plastic is a composite material, made of a polymer-matrix reinforced with fibres. FRP-empowered Optical Fibre Cables (OFCs) and their optimal application within networks represent a big step in standardization of optical communications technology. As a robust and cost-effective cable-reinforcement solution, FRP Rods have many value-adding features.