FRP Rods exemplify strength-reinforcement in OFCs

June 15, 2022by admin

Fibre Reinforced Polymer or Fibre Reinforced Plastic is a composite material, made of a polymer-matrix reinforced with fibres. FRP-empowered Optical Fibre Cables (OFCs) and their optimal application within networks represent a big step in standardization of optical communications technology. As a robust and cost-effective cable-reinforcement solution, FRP Rods have many value-adding features. FRP Rods are di-electric composite cable-strength reinforcement, that provides a high degree of tensile-strength to cables with toughness, thwarting any kind of buckling for their entire shelf-lives and bringing in for them superior dimensional stability. Appropriate for loose tube, uni-tube, slotted core or ribbon cables, these rods are placed in the centreas well as at the periphery of OFCs. As a perfect cable-reinforcement, they lessen the tension on signal-carrying conductors during OFC-installation. The long, splice-free dimensions simplify cable-laying and boost productivity in cabling operations. Bringing in advanced capabilities, FRP Rods save the cables from sagging in aerial installations, while absorbing their load with inherent stiffness. With 75% less weight than steel and 30% less weight than aluminium, less maintenance and longer product-life, FRP-strengthened OFCs have enhanced reliability in their performance and installation, flexibility in design, increased productivity and reduced downtime. They have higher capacity and yield higher transmission-speed over long distances as against the co-axial cables.

As a leading provider of the whole range of end-to-end passive digital infrastructural products and accessories for voice, data, video and end-point applications of communication networks, Polycab Telecom manufactures FRP Rods in diverse customizations, specified by its customers, to meet their needs. We have a global market for these products as well.

Ashish D. Jain

Executive President & COO
Telecom Division, Polycab India Limited