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The entire concept of Smart City is based on making urban life more efficient. The premise still continues to evolve, with cities requiring more and more solutions to deliver value to the inhabitants and environment. For us at Polycab Telecom, connection happens to be the integral feature of smart cities that makes them more efficient. We see them as a holistic implementation of systems that are mostly based on data, connecting all the digital applications in a Smart City. Our team of Smart City professionals has the track-record of building a secure, robust and scalable network which can have many IOT-based management and services. We work as a perfect PIA to offer our Smart City solutions:


Smart Transportation

End-to-end transportation-solution for vehicle-tracking, speed-detection, parking management and vehicle-number-plate-detection with the RTO-data-base.

Smart Building

Integrated solution for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) as well as lighting, access control and surveillance.

Smart Energy

Smart Lighting Installations, resulting in power-savings with real-time monitoring, using machine-learning.

Smart Governance

Delivery of governmental services and exchange of information between government to citizens through e-governance.

Smart Security

24x7 monitoring of criminal activities and citizen-tracking with face-detection. Smart Response & Incident-management System.

Smart Education

Management of an interactive, collaborative and visual model, planned to increase student-engagement and aid teachers to adjust to students' skills, interests and learning preferences.

Smart Health

Convergence and inter-connection of different platforms to have affordable diagnostics, affordable quality-medicines and unified consultations in the city.

Smart Waste Management

Ultra-sonic sensor-based level-measuring of waste in the dustbins across the city, motor-powered platform, used for segregating wet and dry waste and other IoT-based waste-management systems.

Smart Parking

An on-site deployment of an loT-module that is used to monitor and signalize the state of availability of each single parking space, use of sensor technology, variable road-message signs, flexible payment-systems and smart navigation mobile-map applications to direct the drivers and make them aware of parking options in a Smart City.

Smart Public Service

Open-to-Sky connectivity, Convenience Services though City App, Public Address and Communication Systems at all the strategic locations in a city.
We connect all the services in a Smart City to the Centralized Monitoring and Control
Centre (CCC), which makes it more responsive and efficient.

Based on successful implementation of innovative solutions by our team of Smart City-
professionals in various projects, we can make a range of proven solutions rapidly deployable.