Copper System remains significant with unique features in fiber-optic era

Fibre-network cables have certainly some advantages over copper cables, like greater bandwidth, faster speeds for longer distances and higher reliability. But for many industries, copper is still the backbone of the network-cabling. Copper has the highest electrical conductivity rating of all non-precious metals, additionally it carries flexibility, safety and affordability for cabling installations.

DWDM is the real evolutionary technology for passive network architecture

Today Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) is one of the most frequently applied fiber-optic transmission technologies to build core telecom networks. DWDM is an optical multiplexing system, wherein data-signals from varied sources are put together, with each signal being transmitted on a separate light wavelength. More than 80 separate wavelengths, each about 0.8 of a nanometre-wide, can share a single optical fiber.

Our digital maturity hinges on seamless connectivity

For people all over the world, internet-use has become conspicuously inescapable for normal routines of life. The development and diffusion of digital technologies has had a positive impact on every layer of our societies. Digital efficiency touches our lives at multiple points throughout the day, in many obvious and unobvious ways. We’ve unprecedented access to data now, which enables us to make more informed and better decisions.