Fiber-optic networks will be the foundation for the impending 5G-technology

June 16, 2022by admin

Fifth-generation (5G) mobile broadband technology is surely on the anvil as the next big thing in mobile broadband. The application of the technology will have a transformative bearing on how people and machines operate in tandem with each other. Industries will see an unleashing of opportunities with the optimization of service-delivery, decision-making and end-user experience. Smart Factory and Smart City-applications, autonomous vehicles and machines, tele-medicine applications and various emerging IoT-technologies will be wholly realized through the extensive deployment of 5G communication networks in combination with other connectivity-solutions. Up to 1000 times increase in bandwidth per unit of area, up to 100 times increase in the number of connected devices, a perceived network-availability of 99.9% and many advantages will bring in unprecedented levels of connectivity. With our government giving approvals for 5G-trials, India is keyed up to implement the technology for data-networks across the country. As the demand for data has grown exponentially in recent times in our country, we need high-speed, high-capacity, low-latency and resilient 5G broadband networks, which will meet the demands of the increasing data-intensive applications.

As the supporting infrastructure for 5G-networks, a rapid and structured roll-out of Optical Fiber Cables in India is the need of the hour. Polycab Telecom has the expertise and experience to build the Fiber-optic network efficiently that any technology upon it can be easily managed. To accommodate the growing demand for faster and reliable structured cabling in the upcoming 5G era, we’re geared up to capitalize on our knowhow to manage and ensure end-to-end connections and reliability of high-speed data-transfer with our passive networking solutions and accessories, in a simple and cost-efficient manner.