Video technology is the fulcrum of Safe City solutions

August 24, 2022by admin

Video as a prime data-source is the principal facet of a successful Safe City solution. A Safe City is an urban settlement where residents are safe and protected, vehicular traffic-flow is smooth and infrastructures are better-functioning. Video technology provides the urban planners with the opportunities to harness and analyse the data and information, captured through video surveillance systems, in planning the city with safer environments. Most cities in India now are using video technology and have access to video surveillance-based data, live or recorded, as and when required. Documented information, corroborated by video-footages, has all the potential to play a bedrock for optimized Safe City-planning. Video-based data can be used by law enforcement agencies to devise strategies to monitor and reduce crime. Real-time alert is a great mechanism to handle the crisis. Video-based data provide traffic-trends over a period of time, which can be used to predict traffic-jam, respond to the congestion in a real-time manner and enhance traffic-efficiency in the cities. Video-based intelligence can be employed to more seamlessly detect traffic-violations and unanticipated congestion on the road. Combined with AI-applications, video technology can facilitate monitoring and data-analysis of transit-routes, streamlined public transport, traffic light control, optimized pedestrian routes, real-time parking and traffic maps. Video technology and analytics in tandem with traditional security surveillance infrastructure yields actionable and quantifiable intelligence, which can be capitalized on to frame a true safe and secured city.

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