Secured lockable patch cords a definite step to protect network infrastructure

April 30, 2022by admin

Secured Lockable Patch Cords are an ideal connectivity-solution that enhances network-security and its up-time. Designed to secure connections, Secured Lockable Patch Cords become an amazingly useful mechanism for high-security settings, like data centres and IT-networks, wherein multiple physical layer classifications play the base for the heavily data-loaded networks. With the facility to insert the optional locking pin into the specifically carved boot to lock down network-ports, we can keep cables locked and protected in place, as per our requirement. Network-ports remain safe from unauthorised access and accidental disconnects. Coming with stress-free boot & plug-latch protection and in FR-PVC jackets, these lockable patch cords can be used for all kinds of network-connections. In fact, these patch cords have a wide spread of uses. They become handy for PoE-support & connector-protection and are also used for high-density switches. These cords have a utility in cable-theft-prevention in public places and critical circuit-protection. The key-lock system augurs well to ensure availability of patch cord in meeting rooms and connection of IP Security Cameras. Highly endorsed for data centres, conference rooms and branch office connections, these Secured Lockable Patch Cords have emerged as a dependable source of relief for network-providing organizations.

Conforming to all the requisite standards, Polycab Telecom manufactures and supplies highly efficient Secured Lockable Patch Cords of different kinds.