Effective Data Strategy is a Must For Smart Sustainable Cities

May 16, 2022by admin

Smart City, as a concept, is still evolving. But by now, at least we know that a city gets branded as a Smart City, only when the governance there starts collecting, analysing, integrating and using the digital data to run the city and provide welfare to the citizens. Data is the core for Smart City transformations. The role of big data in the development of a Smart City and its sustainability is a known fact now. Only collating digital data from citizens, infrastructure-objects and electronic devices for various administrative and managing purposes doesn’t provide the soul of intelligence to an urban location, it’s the ability to leverage data for urban processes and practices, that injects the essence of a quintessential Smart City into it. Big data-technologies have to be essential to the functioning of Smart Cities. A citizen-centric system which binds people, economy, environment and infrastructure in a data-driven mechanism for a varied assortment of urban services including security, law-enforcement, traffic and transportation, healthcare, water-supply, waste-management and others, is what becomes the base for a tech-enabled sustainable urban progress. Big data-technologies, with their innovative applications, bring in sustainable ways of monitoring, understanding, analysing, planning and managing the functions of a Smart City.

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