Armoured fiber cables ideal for network deployment in extreme environments

May 16, 2022by admin

Fiber Patch Cables are a known commodity in the world of network-deployment. Laying them in harsh environment or for industrial purposes was always fraught with the dangers of animal-bite, moisture, crush, corrosion and other damages. But Armoured Fiber Cables have emerged as sturdier cables, which are manufactured in a way that keeps the cables protected from crush, pressure, moisture and rodent-problems. The word ‘Armoured’ itself in the name reflects the type and purpose of these cables. Their high durability come handy in harsh environments or limited space, wherein these inherently strong cables ensure and secure the data-communication, without getting significantly affected by any exterior damage. So, apart from being an extremely efficient medium for the high-speed data-transmission, Armoured Optical Cables also have an elongated life-span compared to other common cables. These are the cables, which become cost-effective as well, because they normally don’t face the cable-loss, thanks to the in-built protection. The outer protective layer on these cables is made up of fiber yarn, glass yarn, polyethylene etc. The outer jacket provides protection against rodents, abrasion and crush. Then the light armour between the optic fibers and the outer jacket provides better protection to the fibers and the Kevlar is placed inside the outer jacket to shelter the steel-tube. Armoured Fiber Cables form the ideal network-cabling solution for campuses, Outside plant and industrial applications.

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