Structured Cabling: A solid infrastructure for hospitality-networks

May 26, 2023by admin

Structured Cabling, a cabling infrastructure that comprises a number of organized smaller components and accessories, is gaining huge traction in hospitality industry for its data-networks. Hospitality establishments like hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, monuments and other tourism-related services need fast networks with sufficient bandwidth to meet the growing expectations of guests and visitors. More and more data-applications are being placed on hospitality-networks. Effectiveness of physical infrastructure of hospitality-networks has become increasingly important. Thus, Structure Cabling Solutions have emerged as a great foundation for these networks with their reliability and adaptability, wherein end-devices can be upgraded or changed without the need to change the entire cabling infrastructure.

Structured Cabling system typifies an integrated environment of a whole host of devices and amenities. With a unified connectivity mechanism, Structured Cabling as an infrastructure enables signals for all the data and power-applications within the network from a centralized point. Since network-infrastructure in this system is built with a systematized approach, it’s easy to rectify glitches of connectivity, which brings in reduced downtime and the best of guest-experiences. A common Structured Cabling plan consists of several fibre-optic cables and lots of Ethernet cables like Cat6, Cat 6a etc. We’ve started to see a lot of grouping and re-grouping of existing devices in hospitality establishments. Strategically designed cabling plan has become a must in hospitality corridors. Networks are capable and resilient to receive and distribute a massive amount of data on their physical infrastructure. Structured cabling can be done in every room and terminated with wall plates and ports as per the need, for easy plug-and-play connection to the home-networks.

Polycab Telecom designs and supplies Copper Cabling System, Optical Fibre Cables (OFC) System and Hybrid Cables for Hospitality-networks.