Digital services have gained currency in hospitality industry

May 5, 2023by admin

The hospitality industry undeniably sets levels of dependable and high-quality services, which is why support for digital services has gained currency and become a prerequisite at hotels, hospitals, stadiums, museums, temples and religious establishments. One of the most frequently-demanded services a guest or visitor today asks for is high-speed internet. The hospitality industry is taking the leading edge in providing personalized guest and staff experiences, which definitely require secure, seamless and scalable high-performing connectivity. Guest-services, operations, communications, revenue-management, CRM, facial detection, overall security in premises, parking, cameras to realize multi-screen monitoring, video storage, alarm linkage notification and other functions for important places such as hotel lobbies, corridors, elevators, corridors and parking lots, all of these new-age services and facilities hinge on a reliable and scalable connectivity.POS cashier systems, self-service terminals, service robots, table-top ordering systems, digital menus, kitchen visual analysis systems, kitchen robots and interactive display screens are going to streamline the customer-experience and enhance operational competencies in more ways than one.

As the hospitality sector moves fast to make digital engagement with guests a prime priority, a robust data-network becomes the essential commodity. A standardized network enhances an establishment’s ability to efficiently implement digital solutions at scale. The concept of a smart hospitality is getting more and more attention from new breed of customers, who yearn to have the best of hospitality experiences across multiple digital touch-points and across all digital channels. Hospitality-networks are going to be inundated with humongous data-load and only efficient networks with rock-solid physical infrastructure would be able to provide faster speeds, greater coverage, increased reliability and low latencies.

Telecom Division of Polycab India Ltd. sees a hospitality-environment as an all-inclusive implementation of data-based systems, resulting in varied digital applications. Our end-to-end passive networking solutions work as a strong network-foundation to facilitate IoT-based connectivity between various devices and systems, providing Smart Parking solutions, Smart Ticketing solutions and security-operations and bringing in better visitor and guest-experience. We design and build a Centralized Monitoring and Control Centre (CCC), which integrates and regulates functions for different hospitality-locations in the defined network.