Digital Class: Enriching education through digital technologies

April 27, 2023by admin

Digital education has rapidly grown in India and across the globe. Digital Classrooms have emerged as an immersive way for students to learn through internet-enabled equipment. These new-age classrooms use systems, that are data-enabled and connected to the web. Visually attractive methods of teaching engage the audio-visual senses of the students instantaneously. Students are finding Digital Classes more gripping. The use of cloud-based communication systems in digital classes through video conferencing and unified communications platforms is transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools. Teachers use innovative digital technologies and capabilities in the best of ways, built on the connectivity between different devices and systems, to impart education. Wireless Microphone for convenience, Student Response System, Multimedia Pens, Big Interactive LED/LCD Panels, Speakers, Graphics Tablets, Digital Camera and a whole host of other tech-based tools are deployed in Digital Classes to manage and enhance learning. The system enables students to interact in a virtual, yet synchronous environment. Learning processes and solutions can be customized easily. These classrooms support both real-time and recorded learning and help teachers create a flexible class-schedule There is a sustained focus on practical aspects of learning. Learning processes can be tracked, evaluated and altered to ensure better results from the students.

Telecom Division of Polycab India Ltd. designs, manufactures, tests and supplies Copper Cabling System, Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) System and Hybrid Cables to build strong and scalable networks for Digital Classes. Our end-to-end passive networking solutions enable educational environments with an IoT-based connectivity to achieve operational optimization for Digital Classes. Providing solutions in an end-to-end arrangement, our industry-professionals get these solutions easily integrated into existing structures of a Digital Class location, without the need to replace or modify existing building systems. We design and build a Centralized Monitoring and Control Centre (CCC), which integrates and regulates functions for different Digital Class locations in a defined network.